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Bashas’ Celebrates 17 Years on Main Street

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Embracing all the elements of home, town and Arizona, Bashas’ opened on Main Street on July 30th, 2004, the same year Verrado was officially founded. Fast forward 17 years, this vibrant Arizona hometown market continues to thrive with its strong local ties, drawing residents to the charm of Main Street’s tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly street.

Store Director Dave Ullman has been at the helm of Bashas’ neighborhood grocer for nine years running. He has watched Verrado’s boundaries expand with new neighborhoods, and children grow up to become customers in their own right. “Residents like to refer to us as their ‘pantry’,” Ullman said. “In fact, some ‘regulars’ drop in as often as three or four times a day!”

How has Bashas’ on Main Street retained its status as a community hub for 17 years running? “Although we continue to update the store to accommodate our customers, our friendly team members and exceptional customer service remains at the heart of our culture,” Ullman said. “Everything is centered around Customer Experience. We want everyone to feel welcome when they enter our doors.”

How does Bashas’ stand apart in an increasingly competitive marketplace? Ullman points to their emphasis on freshness and quality. In fact, Bashas’ remains the last large Arizona grocer to bake their ever-popular donuts and most bread products from scratch. “We consider our Fresh Departments our niche specialties, including our Bakery, Produce, Meat, and Deli,” he added.

Despite their smaller footprint, Bashas’ store on Main Street surprisingly outshines other Bashas’ locations in Sushi Bar sales, an addition inspired by Ullman three years ago. All sushi is changed out daily, ensuring every order is always fresh. Other innovations include curbside pick-up and Instacart delivery.

Another staple in demand daily is fresh pizza by the slice or pie, fired in their custom pizza oven. Their biggest seller is pepperoni pizza, at $9.99 to go. Many patrons like to enjoy a glass of wine with their pizza, explaining how Main Street’s high-end wine and spirit sales continue to rank high in the company for volume.

Keeping their focus local, Bashas’ hosted an annual Water Drive in June, with donations directly benefitting the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul in downtown Phoenix.

“Our team of 50 dedicated members collectively make this the best store I’ve ever worked in,” Ullman added. “Main Street at Verrado is really happening today, and we’re happy that we’ve been a part of its roots from the beginning.”

Bashas’ on Main Street
21064 W. Main Street
Open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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