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Mermaid Bowls + Health Shots Add Seasonal Sizzle at Ebb+ Flow Coffee Co.

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Almost two years have flown by since best friends Karlie Warne and Liz Schwartz launched their long-standing dream, Ebb +Flow Coffee Co. on Main Street during October 2017. Since opening, this caffeinated pair of local entrepreneurs have kept Ebb + Flow’s culture centered around community, customer service and quality.

“The Verrado community has been so welcoming to us,” Liz said. “Now that this has become our home, it’s an incredible feeling to be part of the growth on Main Street.” What’s even more remarkable? The same opening team of ten loyal employees still greet friends and neighbors when they walk through the door.

Summer’s arrival has prompted a fresh new seasonal menu with tasty treats to fuel the day. From Berry Lemonade with fresh muddled berries to the Miel Latte with honey and cinnamon, the summer menu has something for everyone. Bowls and smoothies packed with vitamins, minerals and everything from antioxidants to anti-inflammatory ingredients are perfect accompaniments when temps rise.

Case in point: their vegan and gluten-free Mermaid Bowl is made with nutrient-rich blue Spirulina power, bananas, mango, pineapple and coconut milk. It’s not just good, it’s good for you!

Ebb + Flow’s new four ounce health shots make great summer coolers, packed with vitamins and nutrients. Rehydrate and refresh with a Matcha Green Tea Shot or an Immunity Shot. You could also choose from delectable baked delights for every dietary need. This includes gluten-free, vegan and keto options.

While ebb and flow can be defined as “a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going”, Ebb + Flow is focused on keeping it healthy and local for the long term.

“Liz and I are grateful for our friends and neighbors in Verrado, and strive to contribute to this wonderful community and its ongoing events in a positive way,” Karlie said. “Our customers are the underlying motivation for everything we do.”

This immersive coffee and tea experience was designed to be a gathering spot where guests connect and refresh. “Karlie and I are honored to be part of the local vibe on Main Street. We invite everyone to stop by to try our seasonal summer menu!” Liz said.


21084 W. Main Street, Suite 101

Open daily 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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